We provide a complete service from the initial consultation, through the planning and design of your garden, to the eventual construction of a unique landscape.


Many people feel comfortable decorating and organising their home, but when it comes to the garden, they are lost. They either copy inappropriate examples or try to have 'something of everything'. During our initial consultation we will discuss your requirements and advice on the best solution to your gardening problems.


The designs of gardens and homes can often conflict, but we can blend the two into perfect partners. We offer a choice of three approaches to design:

  1. A concept sketch, giving a basic overall view of the proposed project
  2. A detailed plan, complete with plant listing, irrigation requirements and garden lighting placement - drawn to scale, and
  3. A laminated, colour design with all the details available on the detailed plan


We take immense pride in the quality of our workmanship and always use the best products available. Each individually designed garden is constructed professionally with the aim of achieving a brilliantly harmonised home.